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 AGMSEMI Semiconductor Technology Stock Culture: Technology Drives Innovation, Quality Shapes Brand

       AGMSEMI Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. (AGM-Semi) is a leading design and sales enterprise of modern high-power semiconductor devices in China, specializing in various high-power
Design, production and sales of semiconductor devices and power integrated devices. The goal is to become the most valuable power semiconductor device and service provider in the world for customers.
      The characteristics of the company's products are: performance and reliability exceed peers, and applications tend to be high-end. Focus on brand and reputation.
 Currently focusing on the R&D, design, production, testing, and testing of super junction high power MOS devices (Split Gate MOSFET), NPT-IGBT, and trench high power MOS devices.
Quality assessment, sales and service. The company is based on independent innovation, has independent intellectual property rights and is committed to the "AGM-Semi" independent product brand. The company has established design and operation centers, sales companies, outsourced chip tape-out bases, finished product packaging bases, and finished product testing centers in mainland China and Hong Kong.
Test base, and has a complete quality control assurance system to ensure the consistency and stability of product quality.
     The company pays attention to the construction of group strength and comprehensive competitiveness; pays attention to how to improve market competitiveness for customers; pays attention to the continuous improvement of the company's system. Religious service attitude
And rapid execution, dedicated to providing customers with high-quality, innovative, low-cost power semiconductor products and application systems.